Not everything can be changed, but photography can be a way to change the unchangeable.

When Silvia Rocchino (°1990, Napoli, Italy) became closer to photography, she needed to find a “language” to communicate her own vision of reality, share her idea of beauty, and raise awareness of people and herself, at the same time.

With a conceptual approach, her works demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective limits. Silvia challenges the binaries we continually reconstruct between Self and Other, and her core revolves around the idea of a ever developing human being against the collective obsession of defining an identity.

An artistic background (Degree in Photography and a Master in Creative and Contemporary Photography), gave her the chance to approach fashion and fine art (the main fields in which her photography is developing) through a thick and personal filter. From 2015 to 2019, she was published in several fashion editorials including Flanelle Magazine and Vogue. She has also exhibited her artwork throughout Europe.

Silvia Rocchino currently lives and works in Barcelona, where she continues with her artistic and fashion projects in collaboration with galleries and cultural producers.